Marie Franco & catA day doesn’t go by that we don’t think of how lucky we are that Canada West, and particularly the excellent surgeon Dr Alan Kuzma, saved the life of our little Minnie Pearl (aka Pussy Galore). She bounced back quickly to her kitten-like self, racing around the house, killing catnip-stuffed mice on a regular basis, and assuming her normal status of bossing us around and generally getting what she wants! – Vaughan B./Marie F.

The care that my cat received at Canada West was second to none. Not only is the staff professional and skilled, they are courteous and compassionate. I’m so grateful to everyone at Canada West. Without their help, my little kitty wouldn’t be home and healthy now. – Siobhan F.

Dear Dr. Braun and all of the staff at Canada West:

Thank you so much for your compassionate and prompt care of our Chihuahua, Donny. We rescued Donny when he was a young dog who was found living on the streets. He had skin lesions on his nose and front legs. His skin lesions persisted after the medications and treatments from our regular vet, so we brought him to Canada West’s dermatologist – Dr Defalque.

On another occasion, Donny became ill after he ingested a toxic substance he found outside.  Donny was put on IV to flush his system, and was ready to go home later that night.

Donny is very healthy today and we are truly grateful for the incredible care he received.   Sincerely,
Savilla K. and Hakan C.

To Dr. Sharp, Sara & Everyone who treated Rosie (like the Duchess she is!):

Can’t say thank you enough for giving Rosie the chance to run & play (& sleep)! – Jan & Duart S.

Dear Dr. Heseltine, Pam, Lena, Dr. Fedryna, and the staff at Canada West:

Thank you for everything. From the beginning of Sheera’s sickness to the very end, we have experienced an overwhelming compassion from all of you. The past few days have been so difficult as we mourn, but we are also celebrating a great life that she had with us. We think about the time that Sheera was healthy and happy and the unconditional love, loyalty and purity that she brought our family. While it broke our hearts to watch Sheera grow weak, we knew she was always in good hands and that you cared for her with all your hearts. We knew we were among pet lovers and that it is more than just a job for you. We will always be grateful for the support you gave us and the care you gave Sheera. – Jessica, David, and Sheera

Thank you for giving us our smile back - Cairo and Taboo

Dr. Sharp, Laura, and Staff:

We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have many more years of happy memories with Wyatt. Your caring and compassionate words while we made the decision to have Wyatt’s surgery were very appreciated! We made the right decision! Thank you for doing what you do. You are very special people. Bo, Jamie, Baby Declan, and (especially) Wyatt