Breakfast Television Visits Canada West

Breakfast Television Vancouver came to the hospital today for a live  on-camera visit to show their viewers some of the work we do.  Today’s segments included:

  • Wilma – a cat who received a stent for a blocked kidney  (described by Dr. Marylin Dunn);
  • Wally – a dog with arthritic knees who receives stem cell injections (harvested from his own body) to treat his arthritis (described by Dr. Alan Kuzma);
  • Vinny – a dog who recently underwent hip replacement surgery for the insertion of an artificial hip (described by Dr. Teresa Schiller); and
  • Mango – a siamese cat suffering from pancreatitis that is being treated in the ICU (described by Dr. Laurence Braun)

BTV has visited us last fall and based on the positive viewer reaction to that show they were interested in coming back for a return visit.