Observations of a dog trainer

[Editor’s Note]: We are excited to share a guest blog post on socializing dogs from Alice Fisher, a Certified Trainer, Training Specialist and Training Director at DOGsmart Training Systems Ltd.   See Alice’s guest blog post below:

Every morning I start my day reading the newspaper and my emails and watching the tv news. I learn about another dog attack.  Some bites are dog vs dog, sometimes on a person, all seemingly to happen without provocation.  It gets our attention if it is a specific dog type, or if a human has been injured.


I teach puppy classes, life skills for dogs, fearful dog classes and reactive /aggressive dog classes.

When we talk socialization, we really explain that it is continuous safe exposure (for all parties) to a variety of things that the dog will be exposed to over its’ life. Dog owners need to be observant and aware of … Continue reading