Guide dog dragged by skytrain sustains severe injuries

Authored by Dr Laurence Braun

Palm, a blind woman’s guide dog, was involved in a tragic accident last Thursday. When she was suddenly caught by the automatic closing door,  Palm was dragged by the Skytrain to the end of a station, striking a pole.

Fortunately, a staff member from Burquitlam Animal Hospital happened to be near and took the dog and her owner to the hospital where she works.  The doctor there quickly evaluated Palm, gave her emergency treatment and referred her to Canada West Veterinary Specialists for further surgery and specialized care.

It will be months until she can work again even if she continues to heal well.  We are still watching closely for further complications.

Amazingly, the roof of her mouth remained intact as well as her teeth.  She has been able to lick some gruel since last night and has kept it down.  She is truly a … Continue reading