Paralysis, seizures and many other neurological diseases are, by their very nature, terrifying for both an owner and their pet. Veterinary neurologists have expertise and vast experience in dealing specifically with these conditions, which is why family veterinarians rely on their help for challenging cases.

Key to determining what is causing the problem is a full neurological examination, at the end of which the neurologist will provide you with several options. These options may range from a few blood tests or a simple treatment to a CT scan or MRI.  Two of our neurologists are also specialized neurosurgeons who regularly perform spinal and brain surgeries.  Sometimes, all that is needed is a second opinion to help better understand your pet’s problem.

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For the Appointment Process:

After your consultation we will provide you with a written estimate for all tests that you might wish to consider, as well as an estimate for any hospitalization or surgery. Should your pet have to be admitted then we will call you every day about your pet’s condition and of course you are welcome to visit as well; we will also send you E-mail updates of you bill daily. If your pet stays with us we will provide comprehensive notes at the time of discharge with instructions for you to follow.

Neurology / MRI Team

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