Please note the visitation guidelines that went into effect November 15th, 2021.

Our regular visiting hours take place between the hours of 11 am – 6:45 pm.  These visits must be booked in advance to secure the visitation room.  Although we acknowledge the importance of seeing your pet, visitations are limited to 30mins and only once per day to ensure that the flow of patient care is not disrupted and to provide opportunity for others to visit their family member. We do ask that you limit the visitors to two people per scheduled visit, and please continue to wear your mask.

Any visits that take place directly in our ICU are only for patients who are critical or unstable and must be approved by the Clinician.

The doctor may not be available to update you but a brief update will be given to you by a staff member looking after your pet.

Please keep in mind that although we have booked you in for a specific time, we are an emergency facility and there is always the potential for a wait, we will do our best to avoid this.

Prior to booking please contact our Visitation coordinator at 604.473.4882.