Rehabilitation Therapy Service Update

Our Rehabilitation Service has continued to grow and we look forward to helping many more of your nonsurgical and postoperative patients in the future. Our recently purchased Response Class 3b laser has become our work-horse and is used on nearly every rehabilitation therapy patient to aid in pain relief, relief of inflammation and tissue healing. Our underwater treadmill is used extensively to aid in the rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurologic patients and has been helpful in treating many soft tissue injuries.

Sara McLean-Piper, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Dr. Terri Schiller, Dip ACVS recently attended a 3 day Neurology rehabilitation therapy course in Denver, Colorado. The course was sponsored by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and focused on rehabilitation therapy techniques for patients affected with medical, nonsurgical and postoperative neurologic abnormalities. The course instructors were excellent and we learned many new treatment options for our neurology patients.

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