New Rules Come Into Effect August 1, 2024

New U.S. dog importation rules that affect cross-border veterinary care have been announced. These changes are being implemented by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. These changes will come into effect on August 1, 2024

While there are multiple implications for rescue organizations, breeders, show dogs, and imported dogs, in this context we are focused only on the parameters for patients who require cross-border veterinary care (e.g. in Washington State or Oregon State University).  

Canadian rules have remained unchanged, although the CFIA is reviewing these requirements.

Here is a brief outline of the new requirements:

A) For U.S. Dogs coming to Canada  

A dog entering Canada needs to have a rabies vaccination certificate (dogs must have been at least three months of age at the time of rabies vaccination).

While the CDC has confirmed there would be no exceptions for veterinary care, if a patient is referred to a Canadian facility, the additional paperwork required by the CDC would have to be submitted and reviewed. In an elective case, the paperwork could be filled out before referring the patient.

B) For Canadian dogs traveling to the U.S.  

It will likely be extremely difficult (impossible?) to get a dog to the U.S. from Canada without at least a few days lead time for the CDC to review and approve the application.

There is currently NO possibility of getting a dog less than 6 months old into the U.S. under the new rules, whether the dog originated in Canada or is originally from the U.S. and is planning on returning. 

What does this mean for you as a pet owner? 

Whether planning to travel for pleasure with your furry family members or seek veterinary care in the U.S., there are things you will need to know. Whether you plan on travelling with your pet or not, the first two recommendations are universal: 

1. Microchip your dog 

2. Ensure your dog is up to date on their rabies vaccines (with a current & valid rabies certificate) 

If you are travelling to the U.S. you must also satisfy the following:

All dogs entering the U.S. must also

3. Be at least six months of age

4.  Appear Healthy

5.  Paperwork (import form) must be submitted to the CDC a few days before travel.  CDC Dog Import Form online submission receipt.

You can read more news about these new rule changes here:

We will look to provide additional updates as more information becomes available.

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