Author: Dr Marilyn Dunn

Bella, a 6 year old female Lhasa Apso had bladder stones in the past which had necessitated 2 surgeries in the previous 2 years.  The stones had been  analyzed and she had been on a diet to prevent stone formation with added water to keep her urine dilute.  Over the last few days, her family had noticed that she was straining to urinate again.

Abdominal radiographs (x-rays) showed 2 large bladder stones.

Given Bella’s multiple prior surgeries, her family was looking for  an alternative to surgery.  Bella underwent lithotripsy: lithotripsy uses shock waves to break up the stones into tiny pieces which then pass into the urine.

A scope was placed in her bladder; a lithotripsy probe was passed through the scope and advanced until it came into contact with her stones.  Her stones were then broken up by lithotripsy and the fragments were flushed from the bladder.  Bella was sent home  3 hours after the procedure!